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August 15, 2020


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Don Bosco Buterere Environment Club in search for sustainable development with Renewable Resources

The youth at Don Bosco Buterere in Burundi are putting more efforts in turning wastes into opportunities as part of the measures taken towards sustainable management of environment. This was demonstrated during the Don Bosco Buterere Youth Environment Club meeting held on Friday, 23rd August 24, 2019 on the theme: “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WITH RENEWABLE RESOURCES “. The Don Bosco Buterere Youth Environment Club was created during the Don Bosco Tech Africa Environment Week after being inspired by the benefits of protecting Environment not only for the current Generation but also the generation to come. The Club has demonstrated the possibility of recovering firewood dust as waste and turning it into a raw material for the manufacture of wood briquettes. As you can see in the photos, Club members are provided with plastic bags that will be used to collect fire woods dust to be used in the manufacturing of briquettes that can replace fire woods as part of reducing the cut down of trees which play an important role in nature conservation. Live the protection of the environment in Burundi
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