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July 16, 2020


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Burundi: U.S Ambassador Visits Don Bosco VTC to eyewitness Achievements made by Indigenous Group enrolled in VTC

The US Ambassador in Burundi has visited Don Bosco Buterere VTC to eyewitness how this Salesian Technical and Vocational Training Centre is empowering a group of indigenous Burundians through tailoring, Carpentry and Basketry. The visit is a follow up on the project funded by the Embassy of the USA in Burundi, realized by the association ASSEJEBA, in collaboration with the Don Bosco Buterere VTC. About 120 persons from this indigenous group benefited from this project where they were able to learn a trade which will help them to earn a living. In Burundi, these people more precisely in Buterere can neither read nor write, but they know something else important for life: Practice. They have proven this by producing various products in tailoring, carpentry and basketry. There, they can use also various objects and directly produce useful items. The Embassy of the USA in Burundi in close collaboration with Don Bosco VTC Buterere and the association ASSEJEBA are proud of the achievements that beneficiaries record so far. These Burundians learned to produce various items including chairs, tables, bags, clothes….. They also benefited from the Embassy’s support to start working at home and earn a living  
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