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July 16, 2020


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Thanks to Madrid Procure for supporting Professional Training of Single Mothers in Rango

The quality vocational training that the single mothers receive in our vocational training center has many advantages for society. The AGL Planning and Development Office believed that the knowledge that single mothers acquire in our centres will make them much more competent and therefore competitive on the job market. By practicing their profession, they contribute to the progress and development of their families in particular, the Huye district and the country in general. In 2019, the project for Professional Training of Single Mothers in Rango went well, thanks to the financial support from  the Salesian Procure of Madrid which has enabled Salesians to train and support 17 single mothers and to install new equipment in the workshop. Since its creation, our center has officially trained three promotions of Single mothers who have had certificates approved by the Ministry of Education: in 2016, 12 single mothers, in 2017, 19 single mothers and in 2018, 20 single mothers were trained. The year (2019), we have trained 17 mothers. All the equipment and supplies that were planned in the project were purchased for the vocational training of these single mothers. However, for some equipment, there was a small change in market prices. This did not have any negative consequences on this project. The Planning and Development Office is very thankful to Madrid Procure for the financial support that enabled the training of the Single mothers and brought hope in the better future.
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