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August 15, 2020


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

SDB in AGL and Education Modernisation Vs COVID 19

We are all obliged to stay at home. As Salesians of Don Bosco, the Corona Virus pandemic has had obvious negative impacts on our daily works and services.

For Salesians, we have seen our young people from our schools being obliged to stay at home, our oratory services have closed, young people enrolled in our Technical and Vocational schools are waiting for the new dates for the reopening of schools and professional centres so they can resume their studies. In Rwanda, the Government already that schools will reopen in September this year.

Here in the Province of the African Great Lake which covers Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi, we have had some of our infrastructure projects being stalled due to Corona Virus pandemic.

However, before the outbreak, Salesian mission in this province has had some key achievements in Education sector especially for the modernization of our Technical and Vocational Education Schools like for instance the modernization of Electricity and Plumbing Departments at Don Bosco Gatenga, the launch of the construction of a new modern housing unity that will host the young people enrolled in culinary Arts and Hairdressing Departments at Don Bosco Rango Technical and Vocational Education School.

The mission also has seen many other promising projects that will be finalized like to set up a modern kitchen for young people enrolled in culinary arts at Don Bosco Muhazi which locates in the rural area of Gasabo District, in the city of Kigali.

There is also the big project of constructing a dormitory for the boys at Don Bosco Bombo in Uganda and Child Sponsorship Program in Don Bosco Palabek.

The outbreak came also within the time, Salesians were preparing for the expansion of ProFuturo Digital Education Programme in 40 other Rwandan Schools to reach at total of 50 Schools benefiting from this programme.

The Provincial administration is very optimistic that the work of Salesians will resume and gets in straight track as it was before.

Salesians are committed to providing quality education to young people in the African Great Lakes Province to make sure that they are able to stand for their well-being as well as contributing the acquired skills in the development of their respective countries.

While the Corona Virus continues to stay for long, Salesians will never stop to think on tangible solutions in order to adapt to the changing world in which we are all pushed to think beyond the usual while seeking new alternatives for our young people who are looking for an education system that will help them to cope with the new challenging modern Society.

Of course, Salesians can’t achieve all without the support from various partners from various corners of the World. Our AGL province really expresses the heartfelt thanks to all of partners and their future plans for our province. The next time will touch on other sectors of Intervention in our province.

For those who always seek to support Salesian mission in the African Great Lakes you can use the means below:

Stay home, stay safe and Stay focused. From the Provincial House in Kigali, we thank you.

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