January 22, 2021


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Rwanda: SAVE Parish Priest commends Salesians for continuous support to the neediest amid COVID 19 Lockdown

Father Fidele Mukwiye, Save Parish Priest

Father Fidele Mukwiye, the Parish priest of Save, the oldest parish established in Rwanda, has commended the Salesian benefactors who have not ceased to support the needy since the outbreak of the Corona virus which has affected many people and more particularly those whose means are limited.

Father Fidele made this remark on Saturday May 9th, 2020 at the Salesian Provincial House in Kigali where he had come to receive food donations intended to help vulnerable families in his parish.

Salesians donated the food stuff to Save Parish, after the later addressed them the issue of suffering community in the parish amidst COVID 19 confinement.

The previous provincial aid was directly distributed through the Salesian communities which were also in charge of distribution to needy citizens who live close to the congregations. However, this time the Salesians are providing help to other parishes which are not directly linked to the Salesians, starting with the Parish of Save.

Father Fidele said that the parish of Save, located in the former region of Butare, now the province of south, has many vulnerable people.

As explained, many vulnerable people have been affected by COVID 19 virus since Rwanda announced a strict confinement period to contain the spread of the virus.

“During this confinement period, people stay at home. Those who worked daily to survive are obliged to stay at home. I hope and think they will be very happy to receive a few kilograms of flour, rice, beans and sugar. Truly the benefactors who thought of us, may God bless them, we are going to pray for them. ” he said.

He explains that the aid will be given to the elderly, the sick, orphans and even to Burundian refugees living in the parish of Save.

As usual in this parish too, there are people who are active but the confinement of the COVID 19 virus has prevented them from going to work, which worsens living conditions. Among them are bikers, shoemakers, tailors among others.

In the meantime, Rwanda has eased the lockdown to partial confinement to allow some businesses to operate but with the limited number of workers attending the workplace. 

The Salesians continue to advocate for needy families, regardless of their religion or nationality.

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