January 22, 2021


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Rwanda: Salesians distribute Monthly Food support to all teachers and collaborators in the Salesian Schools

The Provincial Headquarter of the Salesians of Don Bosco in the African Great Lakes Province, has started the distribution of food aid to all teachers and general staff who work in the Salesian TVET Schools based in Rwanda.

This special intervention aims to reduce negative effects that COVID 19 has had to all teachers and other workers in general as this has led to the temporary suspension of their Job contracts since the schools are closed till September, 2020.

In general, the COVID 19 pandemic has had negative impacts on Teachers Employment Contracts among Private Schools since many of them decided to stop monthly payment after going into financial problems as Schools and other public infrastructures including churches kept closed.

To minimize the impacts of this situation, especially to teachers as well as other workers in the Salesian Schools, the Salesians of Don Bosco, through its Planning and Development Office, conducted various campaign among donors who always have good heart to support Salesians work in the province and fortunately Mr. Peter Böhm who represent the Germany based organization called Handwerk Hilft accepted to take care of all teachers and workers of the Salesians Schools during their Stay at Home period until September. 

This means that the beneficiaries will receive monthly food assistance while waiting for the schools to open again in September.

On Friday, 29th May 2020, during the first batch delivery at Don Bosco Gatenga Technical and Vocational Education and Training School, Father Provincial Pierre Celestin Ngoboka expressed special gratitude to Mr. Peter Böhm and his team for their generous support to the Province, not only in normal times but also in hard times.

The Provincial affirms that the province will always remain close to teachers and all workers not only at the time of COVID 19 but also during time after COVID 19.

“I want to tell you that we are together. Our common profession has been temporarily suspended, but really, we are together and whenever we get help like this, they will call you to share it.

It was after this Speech that he distributed this food aid to the beneficiaries who affirm that this shows that the Salesians are always thinking about them.


On behalf of the teachers, Gratien Byaruhanga, Dean of Studies at Don Bosco Gatenga commended the timely delivery of the food support noting that this will keep them on move while waiting for the Schools reopening.

“Our school pays teachers using school fees, while students pay, it means that the school too is able to pay teachers.

“So, when the students are not here, then we cannot find the money to pay the teachers.” Byaruhanga explains.

“So, this important activity will help us to move forward for days, we are really very happy with that. Truly God bless the Salesians who really thought of the teachers and in general of the workers.” He adds.

Gatenga’s school has 233 students among them are 39 girls and the rest are boys. They are in different sections including plumbing, welding, carpentry, culinary arts, construction, electricity and electronics section.

Despite giving education to young people, some of them are unable to pay schools fees and this could have aggravated the situation if there were no benevolent hands in the youth’s education.

“Here we have a lot of children who are really poor. Many of them, there are orphans, but the school has not put aside its children, it contributes to the studies of these children, there are even children who are in the boarding school, who are helped by the school and others have help them while going home. “Byaruhanga noted.

Like all other private schools in Rwanda, those schools whose daily operations depend on the school fees paid by students, are forced to temporarily suspend the salary of their staff until the resumption of schools activities scheduled for September.

This food support given to the Salesian schools will enable the province to respond to the challenges which followed the temporary suspension of our staff’s salaries.

We thank all the benefactors who always stay close to the Salesians and allow us to effectively provide the services to young people and the needy families in our province.

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