January 22, 2021


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Don Bosco Palabek in a massive Awareness Campaign against Corona Spread

Don Bosco Palabek in Uganda launches a massive Awareness Campaign against Corona virus Spread

Awareness makes us conscious, alert and causes to act. This is very much true when there is an imminent danger. Making people aware of the trouble, especially when the trouble is life-threatening it is a big charity and social responsibility. 

Often it is making people understand, realize and help them to build an attitude that will create in them a change and in turn make the community to transform and change for the better.

Making awareness and causing a change is not always easy. Because we all perceive things differently, comprehend in our own way, and much less make a decision to act—act positively.

Now the whole world is aware of the looming danger being caused by coronavirus and most people know how to avoid it and fight it from spreading it. But we all have different attitude and different interest. Everyone choses to act differently, even behave in a contrary way, often times to the disapproval of others.

Now the whole world is affected by the deadly coronavirus and caused untold miseries both by sickness and other consequences such as lockdown and social distancing policies. 

Often ordinary people who are more vulnerable due to financial constraints and others who live in particular situations are more prone to the infection and other difficulties. In this moment we particularly think of refugees, migrant workers and others displaced due to various reasons.

It is important to give them the right information that would protect them and live accordingly. It is important to know that the best way of preventing and slowing down the transmission of this disease is by being well-informed about the virus, its progression and its transmission.

All of us can protect ourselves against this disease by frequently washing and sanitising our hands and live in a best hygienic way possible.

Salesians living and serving among the refugees are the first service providers in Palabek Refugee Settlement in Lamwo district in northern Uganda. The settelement consists of about 56,000 people who are mostly women and children. 

We started by making face masks for free distribution and also tried to provide the refugees sanitizing and hygiene materials. As this service was an emergency work, we were forced to use the funds meant for running our schools and other livelihood activities.

 Later on, we began to receive support from our partners and friends who are working with us. Now we are able to reach out to more people.

We are reaching out to the Health Centers, police and army posts and other places commonly visited by people. 

Now we are going ahead with road drive with public address system, distributing printed handouts, and displaying colourful banners. Our young people are getting ready with recorded songs and video for larger audience.

We look forward to more support from the community and well-wishers.

Fr. Lazar Arasu SDB

The Director – Salesians of Don Bosco Refugees Services, Palabek.

Email: arasuafrica@gmail.com

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