January 22, 2021


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Rwanda: Beneficiaries expressed Deepest feelings after receiving aids from Germany based Handwerk Hilft

In Rwanda the beneficiaries of the support distributed by the Salesians of Don Bosco, have expressed their gratitude to the benefactor of the Salesians, Hanwerk Hilft who continues to support AGL Province during this time of COVID 19.

Handwerk Hilft has kept support to the Salesians which enables them to purchase food stuff and hygiene materials and distribute them to those who have been most affected by the effects of COVID 19 in and around Salesian Centers in Rwanda.

The pandemic has had negative impacts on all ages of people. Some have lost their salaries due to the temporary suspension of the job contracts; some lost their jobs and are unable to cope alone with the situation and for old ones, the living conditions got complicated since their grandchildren are not easily getting jobs so that they can respond to family needs.

“My name is Mukangoga Christine, I really thank this benefactor. We were all obliged to stay at home and even our children cannot get jobs since the situation is not allowing them to get employment. Really, I thank him so much. May God bless him and give him what to donate and what to remain with abundantly.” Mukangoga Said.

“My name is Twagirayezu Augustin. I am a hairdresser. Today’s support brings joy among us. From my heart, ‘May God bless you and fill where you take this aid from.’” Augustin joyfully said.

Handwerk’s aid also is benefiting young people as we have been reporting since the first day, we got the good news from Germany that Handwerk has accepted to take care of our teachers during the time of lockdown until the date of school reopening.

Video Coverage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uICXPZ_B0m8&t=71s

Since the giving hand has never ceased to donate, Salesians also decided to give to more categories of people including young people who have been also affected by the lock down in various ways.

“Taking into consideration the impacts of CoronaVirus, the situation was very challenging. However, they didn’t stop to support us. They kept a parent eye on us. We thank this donor because he showed us the good heart and helped us a lot.” Said Alice, Leader of the choir at Centrale Mary Help of the Christians in Kimihurura, Kigali.

From outside of the Salesian Congregation, the message that comes from the Provincial of the Religious Sisters of the Assumption for Rwanda-Chad, signed by sister Illuminata Maria DUSENGE affirms that “this Charity is a surprise to us”

She wrote “The feeling that lives in me is the gratitude to God for this gesture of charity that the Salesian Fathers of Don Bosco show us: With these 25 bags of corn flour, 3 bags of beans, 5 boxes of soaps and 7 bags of rice we are going to help the staff members of our works who have lost their jobs because of this COVID 19 pandemic.

 In fact, in the lockdown, we were forced to suspend their contract from April and many of them live in the town of KIGALI where it is difficult for them to make a living and finally feed their families. This help will support them at least for a few days.

The food will be distributed to 36 families from different locations: Gikondo Bakery staff, teachers at the Kabuye Training Center, staff at the Kabuga Reception Center. Many thanks to Father Célestin, Provincial of the Salesians to whom I had spoken about the difficulties of these people and wanted to share well with us.

Our thanks also go to their benefactors.

According to Brother Hubert Twagirayezu, the Director of Planning and Development Office, and Father Venuste Ntigurirwa from the Salesian Community of Kimihurura, IFAK,  the continuous donations from the Germany based organization Handwerk Hilft, this time will be shared to needy people starting with Christians in various parishes.

From Friday to Saturday, Brother Hubert in the name of the Father Provincial has distributed the received aid to the Congregation of Assumption Sisters who asked Salesians of Don Bosco to support them so that they can nourish the needy persons nearby their community.

The other donations also were directed to the Caritas of Kabgayi Diocese and Rango Parish in the Southern Province of Rwanda.

The support also reaches Saturday at the Salesian Community of Kimihurura, IFAK and distributed to different groups affiliated to catholic church like Charismatic, Legion Maria, choirs, servants of the mass, among others.

By: Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU
Salesian AGL-Provincial House Planning and Development Office 45 KN 14 Ave, Kigali-Rwanda Telephone: +250787683426 Website: www.aglpdo.org Email: info@aglpdo.org