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December 2, 2020


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Rwanda: Citizens recount how Salesian Construction Projects helped them during the pandemic time

As Corona Virus has heavily affected the living conditions among Rwandans and at the same time causing negative effects to the economic growth of the country, Those who had a chance to get employment at various Salesian construction sites have confirmed that they were able to cope with the challenging moment, thanks to the employment opportunities during the time of the pandemic.

As confirmed by Uwizeyimana Clementine employed at the site in Kabgayi “this employment opportunity has helped me during this time of Corona virus. We were able to provide for our families and to solve family problems among others.”

The same as Celestin, another mason who is working at Kabgayi construction site “the employment has enabled me to feed my family, to buy home materials and to respond to many other family problems.

He said that “Corona virus has affected family wellbeing especially for those of us who used to rely on daily payment after work. We were unable to get the wage because of unemployment. However, after the partial removal of COVID 19 restrictive measures we were able to look for the work and that’s how we get employed here at the Salesian centre and we are able to take care of our families.

Salesians of Don Bosco in Rwanda launched various construction activities after Rwanda announced the partial removal of COVID 19 restrictive measures.

Many people including young, old and women have been able to get employed during the ongoing construction activities which came also as a response to the living conditions of families during an emergency time.

This is the chance that we had. I tell you the truth! For instance, on my behalf I have completed my family’s annual contribution to Health Insurance. So, this is an important act in terms of Family protection. If the family is not able to get medical services, it is a very serious problem.” Ndayambaje Jean de Dieu narrates

He added that “Based on the challenges caused by the pandemic, for us we were able to deal with them. There is no problem, we have food and even any other family problem that can arise, we can manage to find a solution.”

The construction sites include one at IFAK where Salesians are constructing a nursery school, and the other one is the extension of the chapel at Kabgayi as well as the construction of a modern building at Don Bosco Rango Technical and vocational School.

At least 120 persons got employed in the three construction sites.

In Rwanda, a mason can get between Four thousand and five thousand Rwandan francs per day while a mason helper can get between two thousand and two thousand and Five hundred Rwandan francs per day.

With such an amount, a Rwandan citizen is able to provide for the family even if not much but at least with the minimum response to the family’s needs.

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