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October 26, 2020


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Site preparation as Salesians start construction of a Spiritual Retreat center in Rango (Rwanda)

Salesians of Don Bosco in the African Great Lakes Province have launched the project of constructing a spiritual retreat House in Rango, Southern Province of Rwanda after receiving the financial support from Missioni Don Bosco Turin, The Provincial Economer Brother Hubert Twagirayezu revealed last week during the field visit at the Construction site.

Brother Hubert Twagirayezu explained that “the project was developed by the provincial council.”

“We have a plan of constructing a spiritual center here in Rango which will help many Salesians to find the place for retreat and spiritual formation and not only for Salesians but also for young people from different schools in case there is a formation planned for them.” Brother Hubert said

The provincial economer added that even other people from outside with the same line of spiritual formation will be allowed to conduct their sessions in this spiritual centre after assessing the purpose of their formation or training to check if they meet the criteria that will be put in place for allowed services in that centre.

This project which was financed by Missioni Don Bosco Turin would have started earlier but due to COVID 19 the construction was delayed and resumed after the Government of Rwanda announced the partial removal of lockdown measures.

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