January 22, 2021


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Enhancing Computer Literacy in Don Bosco Buterere, Burundi


Don Bosco Buterere TVET School has received support made of computers that will help computer Literacy among students, teachers and the community around the Centre through training.

These computers were provided by Don Bosco Mondo-BONN after the Salesian community in Buterere presented a Computer Literacy development project as there was a lack of resources for the project to be achieved.

Computers and their Accessories which have been received are now being used by students and teachers.

The project was written in 2019 and got financed in 2020. The implementation took place in September 2020.

According to the narrative report “Before the purchase of the computers, it was not easy to get a supplier who can offer good computers for a reasonable price, because computers are imported.”

However, from the time computers were received, teachers and students started being formed on how to operate a computer.

“It has become easy for teachers to do research for the courses they teach. All the students will have a chance to know how to use a computer, since nowadays the use of a computer has become important everywhere.” The report added.

Sustainability and Follow-up after the completion of the project

After the completion of the project, the computer room will be functioning for a long time as strategies have been taken for that.

Rules have been established for safety and maintenance.

“This will be possible because the school has 3 teachers who have done computer studies.” Salesian administration explains.

In the future, the school will organize computer lessons for those who are from other institutions and a little contribution will be required.

“Since we have a big number of trainees, we will continue to look for other sponsors to support us and get more computers to satisfy our young people. The ministry of education has been approached for that and we hope it will also assist.” Added the note sent to the Salesian Planning and Development Office.

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