January 22, 2021


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

Don Bosco Buterere Green Club joins Bujumbura City authorities to protect river banks

Burundi : The National Tree planting Day is celebrated on December 16 each year.

As the government of Burundi has decided to dedicate Thursday of each week to the activities related to environmental Protection, this day was celebrated on December 17 in Bujumbura.

As the city’s municipalities are prone to landslides or floods, the city has decided to devote itself to planting bamboo along the banks of the rivers in Bujumbura capital. This activity saw the participation of administrators at different levels with which the members of Don Bosco Buterere green club joined.

The rivers that cross the city of Bujumbura are numerous and during the rainy season, there are damages caused by floods among them are material and human damages.

The administration’s mission is to protect these rivers in the capital by planting bamboo to protect their banks.

The Don Bosco Buterere Green Club – which has been in existence for a year – has taken an active part in riverbank protection activities this year by joining forces with the administrators for the planting of bamboo.

 Members of the said club have planted 500 bamboo from their club’s nursery.

Thus, the club has responded to one of its objectives which is the protection of the environment through awareness raising and tree planting.

The club’s nursery has 20,000 fruit and non-fruit tree seedlings which will be donated to be planted in different locations.

It was an opportunity to show and know the activities of the Don Bosco Buterere Green Club and especially its commitment to the protection of the environment, an initiative that was appreciated by the local authorities of Bujumbura, because it manifests the patriotic and environmental protection spirit.

Long live Don Bosco Buterere Green Club, long live the environment.

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