February 26, 2021


Salesians of Don Bosco-Africa of the Great Lakes (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda)

MUHANGA: Parents commend Profuturo Digital Education Programme for their Children

Parents, Teachers and Primary school children in Muhanga District in the Southern Province of Rwanda are pleased with the current teaching method that uses ProFuturo Digital technologies where the child follows the course with the help of a Tablet that communicates well with the one of teacher with the assistance of an Intranet available in the classroom.

This technology is undoubtedly one of the steps towards Remote Education where it is possible that as time goes on the child in the countryside or in the city will be able to attend classes with the help of a ProFuturo approach.

In addition to parents and Teachers who enjoy this approach, on the children’s side it is said that it has reduced school dropouts as they all come with an appetite for learning through modern technology.

Benjamin Kwizera, who coordinates ProFuturo activities in Muhanga District, says that although teaching using ProFuturo technology is still new in some of schools, it has been very popular with students, teachers or parents from the beginning.

“Here in Muhanga District, children are very happy about it. They feel they will use this ProFuturo method for a long time. ” He says.

He goes on to say that in the past when they held meetings with parents at schools where the Salesians are implementing the ProFuturo Digital Education program, they said that the program is timely since their children are now going to be able to learn in a modern way.

“We even held meetings with parents and explained to them and they were very happy for the ProFuturo Digital Learning Approach,” Kwizera explained.

“We have realised that when you give the Tablet to children during Class time, you find that they are very concentrated on lessons.

What’s better is that kids don’t drop out of school because they know they will learn using Tablets.” Kwizera added

Kwizera Benjamin oversees the implementation of this program in Muhanga primary schools namely: EP KADEHERO (Rongi Sector), EP MUYEBE (Rongi Sector), EP MUSANGE (Mushishiro Sector), EP Saint Augustin Gahogo (Nyamabuye Sector) and EP Kuza Regina Pacis (Mushishiro Sector).

Up to date, the Salesians of Don Bosco are implementing ProFuturo Digital Education Program in 50 Schools across Rwanda.

ProFuturo contributes to narrowing the education gap in the world by improving the quality of education of millions of children through technology.

ProFuturo implements a Digital Education Programme that, through innovative digital teaching-learning experiences, enhances teachers´ pedagogical and digital skills, and meaningful student learning.

It addresses key factors that contribute to the quality of education such as: teacher´s professional development, educational assistance and technical support, a digital solution, a monitoring and evaluation system and a knowledge exchange community.

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