KIGALI: Father Provincial donates to INSHUTI Z’ABAKENE in Busanza, thanks to the support provided by DON BOSCO MISSION OFFICE in CANADA

On Wednesday morning, 24th March 2021, the Salesian Provincial Superior for the African Great Lakes Province, Father Pierre Celestin Ngoboka travelled to Busanza Sector in Kicukiro District of the City of Kigali to offer a helping hand to the Sisters Inshuti z’Abakene “Friends of the Poor” whose benevolent activities benefit young children among them are those whose parents have died and those who were abandoned by the parents because of various reasons including being born with HIV/AIDS.

At the arrival in the Centre of Inshuti z’Abakene, Father Ngoboka first spoke to the Sisters Inshuti z’Abakene who take care of the children living in the centre and then after handed to them food stuff, soaps, sugar and milk that will help children get a balanced diet.

The food stuff and other items were donated to INSHUTI Z’ABAKENE, thanks to the support provided by DON BOSCO MISSION OFFICE in CANADA.

On behalf of Sisters INSHUTI Z’ABAKENE, Sister Mama Agatha Nyirabakobwa said “Today we are very happy because you have thought about our children. As you have seen, children are also happy. For sure, God is a miracle, he gives the solution at the right time and he does this through his own people. Our Founder Mama Catherine Nduwamariya (died in 2017) used to tell us: Don’t be afraid of serving people, because people belong to God, so God knows how to do his work and you have to accept to serve on behalf of God. This act of charity that you have done today shows that God stands with us (INSHUTI Z’ABAKENE”) and this shows that this act is God’s act and you also as people, you are people of God. This is not the first time Salesian fathers helping us, we have received much from them, only God knows. Even last year the same act was done and it helped us much.” 

The organization “Inshuti z’Abakene (I.A)” which a Catholic religious Organization founded in Rwanda has the following activities: a. A centre that supports mentally and physically disabled children (Centre Inshuti Zacu, Gahanga-Kicukiro); b. A centre that supports children who are HIV positive (Centre Iramiro, Busanza-Kicukiro); c. A centre that supports children with different living problems (Centre Humura, Rutongo, Rulindo); and d. A Dispensary, Janjagiro – Rwamagana).

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