Uganda: Profuturo project implementing schools scores highly in 2020 Primary Leaving Examinations


In Kaliro District, Budini Boys primary school, one of the ProFuturo Digital Education Implementing schools, emerges the best with 29 first grades and 33 second grades.

 It is four years now since the Profuturo project came to Uganda under the Salesians of DonBosco of the Great Lake Africa.

Since 2017; it has been implemented in 11 schools.

 Impact from 2017 shows that before the inception of digital learning, performance in these schools had deteriorated.

According to Carolyne Akiiki, ProFuturo Programme Manager in Uganda “Hope came when they received a profuturo digital learning project that motivated both teachers and learners.”

 The reasons for the motivation were and not limited to, easy and quickest means of content delivery, accessibility to updated information for approach integration, continued teachers support and training offers on a daily basis by the coordinators.

She added that learners advanced knowledge acquisition for digital learning among others.

 Although the whole world has been paralyzed due to Covid 19 Pandemic, access to information and smart teaching remained the protocol in these schools.

She said that evidence from Kaliro District indicates that teaching and learning exercises are above ordinary due to digital learning as Budini Boys Primary School has emerged the best in the District with 29 first grades and 33 second grades.

The best candidates scored 9 aggregates each as the last got 19. 

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