Turning young people into upright citizens and productive workforce

When we talk about education for young people in a way that turns them into good workforce and good citizens, it is mainly about education led by politeness, civic and religious belief. Such an education would not be ignored by St. John Bosco who used to strive for the well-being of the youth especially with a focus on young people from low-income and poor families. Today, the same spirit is still enshrined in the salesian Education system at all levels. When a parent has a child she/he wishes him/her for the best, and wishes that he/she learns well and gains knowledge which will help him/her to have a better future. Nowadays life is getting harder and harder and every action one has to take has to be thought through in order to predict the outcomes. Generally, coming back to today’s young people, they are threatened by a variety of issues including lack of financial means, family poverty, lack of access to quality training, lack of jobs and more. There are also young people who are able to go to school but you find that some learn in a hopeless way. From such a way, some young people even though they go to school yet there are many other distractions that sometimes challenge them and lead to a variety of side effects including drug addiction, unplanned pregnancies, drunkenness, and more. However, these problems can be solved through a preventive system for the young people and through an education that promotes fair values to society. For this to happen require that the education provided to today’s youth be an education that gives hope for the future. Today’s youth should be given education that will lead to upright citizens and good and creative workers. This will make it possible for young people to cope with the problems of society in general because the habits they have learned from school include the ability to deal with the evil that can plunge them into temptation. Being a good citizen means that you are a citizen who obeys the laws of the state, is governed by the Christian values and lives a life that delights God and people. To come to this will be largely due to the effort put into today’s education. Once young people are well educated they will gain the knowledge they need to live a very valuable and purpose driven life because that knowledge gain is what will enable them to have a better future and work for their own development and contribute to the development of the society as a whole. Let’s invest in education that trains and makes young people to become good citizens and good workforce.
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