The Salesians of Don Bosco’s Planning and Development Office of Africa’s Great Lakes (AGL) region serves three regional countries namely Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.

This Office which locates in Kigali, Rwanda, works in accordance with the ‘General Guidelines of the model and Tasks of the Provincial Planning and Development Office in the Salesian World’, Rome November 2018, General Economer’s Office Salesians of Don Bosco)

Historical Background

To serve the Salesian Mission, in the last 20 years the conceptualization of the Planning and Development Offices in the Salesian Congregation has evolved.

The two main stages were the celebration of the meetings in Rome (2005) and in Hyderabad (2011).

The planning and administration project of the Rector Major and his General Council from 2014 to 2020 restores the creation and establishment of the provincial Planning and Development Office (PDO) as a priority.

In all the provinces it is necessary to implement all the mechanisms to turn this Office into a support instrument for the training, efficiency, professionalism, creativity and coherence of the Salesians answer in the world.

The PDO has to be an essential instrument for a qualitative Salesian Mission.

It is one of the vital instruments for the Provincial and his Council to animate and manage the province and to answer the challenges encountered by the Salesian Mission in its territory qualitatively and efficiently.

Therefore, the PDO is the technical office and the provincial structure to guarantee quality, efficacy and efficiency of the Provincial and his Council’s management of participative strategic planning and development of life and the provincial mission.

The AGL Planning and Development Office was started in 2007 as a result of the conclusions of the Planning and Development Office (PDO) Seminar held in Rome in April 2005. This PDO is a transversal body in the province in the service of the provincial and his Council. The PDO is connected to the different Provincial Commissions and the local communities.


Enhancing Youth Development through Efficient Projects Planning and Management


To provide required Resources for enabling Salesians to develop social, economic, cultural and political skills among the youth.


Through Our thirteen Centres, reach and serve 3000 youth per year in Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda


Don Bosco’s love for Youth

Effective and efficient Communication

Hard Work



Transparency and Accountability

Salesian AGL-Provincial House Planning and Development Office 45 KN 14 Ave, Kigali-Rwanda Telephone: +250787683426 Website: www.aglpdo.org Email: info@aglpdo.org